Prepare for superb new hifi components that out-perform everything you have ever heard – and still leave a down payment for the next one. These are revolutionary in every way: performance, price and the way you buy.Quiescent is a new audio company that draws together a potent set of technologies and experience, from aeronautical engineering and electronics, corporate-level software design and global distribution.
What's so special?The Quiescent solution builds upon nearly 20 years of Vertex AQ experience, with external mains, RF and vibration treatments, but integrates all that technology right inside the circuits, at the most vulnerable points. No other company does such in-depth treatment.The damage is killed at source, even better than with external components. The performance jumps are now staggering.The techniques have been well tried already in DACs from sister brand Aletheia which were received enthusiastically on release.At development trials with experienced listeners we’ve heard reactions like “goose bumps” and “blown away”. Over-used? Not this time.Read early reactions from some listeners here: Streamer comment and scroll down.The radical streamerAmong the new preamps, power amps, DACs and power supplies probably the most radical item is the streamer – radical because:
  • it is based on open architecture and software for freedom of choice and future-proofing – no proprietary systems
  • any user interface, e.g. Roon, J River etc
  • destructive interference from electrically-noisy LEDs and displays is banished in favour of tablet control via the network 
  • instead of mechanical fans a clever heat sink cools the processor
  • a separate linear power supply in a matching case and, again with passive cooling, provides very high quality regulated, quiet power for the streamer
Reducing signal damage by design and novel technology are the ground-breaking features at the core of all the Quiescent products.

So what’s special about Vertex technology?

This is where I ask you to believe me: not one customer system, not ever at any price, that I have come across was realising its full potential – polluted by internal vibration and radio frequency interference.  Introducing Vertex components to drain and absorb those pollutants transformed those limping systems.

Clues that something is wrong are a strident top end, loose ill-timed bass, woolly imaging but also other losses which aren't audible until the causes are removed and a new system blossoms.

Those villains, vibration and RFI, downgrade every music system by inter-mixing with the music signal and destroying information.

More announcements to follow as we approach product launch but please do contact me if you would like to ask questions.